Europatipset gives you the chance to win a multimillion-krona jackpot if you can correctly predict the outcome of 13 European football matches. Learn more about a popular game that has been available since 1992.


Check out the latest Europatipset Results to find out the outcome of the latest European football matches. You can also find out the number of winners and the prize amounts.


Europatipset is played in the same way as Stryktipset. The difference is that you have to predict what will happen in a set of 13 European football matches, rather than just English matches. These fixtures are usually from a Sunday and may be from a variety of countries, including Sweden, Italy, Spain and France.

The 13 matches are listed with the home team first, followed by the away team. You have to specify what you think the outcome will be for each one. Here’s how to make your predictions:

  • Mark the ‘1’ box if you predict the home team will win
  • Select ‘X’ if you think the match will finish as a draw
  • Choose the ‘2’ box to indicate that the away team will win

You can also use the PIX! Option to make your predictions quickly. Your 13 selections will be generated automatically, partly at random but there is also a statistical element as it takes other player’s bets into account.

It’s also possible to select two or three boxes for each match if you’re unsure what the outcome will be. Marking two options is known as ‘half guarding’ because you are choosing one of the other two boxes. It is known as a ‘full guard’ when you select all three, as you are guarding against every possible outcome and effectively guaranteeing that you will get a correct prediction for a particular match.

The cost of one line is 1 kr, so you have to pay an extra 1 kr for each set of predictions you make. For example, if you mark all three options for one match, the total cost is 3 kr as each prediction for that match is paired with all your other selections. If you mark three options for two matches, the cost is 9 kr (3 x 3) to cover all the different combinations of predictions. The cost continues to go up as you select more outcomes across different matches.

You can’t guard against every outcome for all 13 matches, as there is a limit of 60,000 kr on how much you can spend in one game. However, you can take advantage of some of the system options that are available if you quickly want to cover more outcomes.

Europatipset Prizes

There are four different prize levels in Europatipset. You win a prize if at least 10 of your predictions turn out to be correct. You need to get all 13 right to win the jackpot. The prize for all four categories varies from draw to draw, as it depends on the number of winners. The following table shows the percentage of the prize fund allocated to each level. The remaining 2 percent is set aside in a reserve fund.

Prize Level Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
13 Correct Predictions 1 in 1,594,323 39%
12 Correct Predictions 1 in 62,320 22%
11 Correct Predictions 1 in 5,110 12%
10 Correct Predictions 1 in 697 25%