Lördagsgodis is a lucky mix of Lotto with Joker, Keno and Triss. It is a great way of taking part in a variety of games, all of which offer great prizes. Learn all about how Lördagsgodis combines the games and the different options that are available.

How to Play Lördagsgodis

Lördagsgodis gives you a quick and easy way to enjoy a combination of games. You just need to choose the package you want – small, medium or large. Your Lotto and Keno lines will be automatically generated via the Quick Pick method, while you will also get a Triss 30 scratch card for the chance to play Sweden’s best-selling instant game. Here are the available packages:

Small - 100 kr

  • Keno – Keno 4, 8 and 11 with King Keno – 30 kr
  • Lotto – 5 rows on Lotto 1 and 2 with Joker – 40 kr
  • Triss 30

Medium - 170 kr

  • Keno – Keno 3 and 4 without King Keno, 8, 10 and 11 with King Keno – 40 kr
  • Lotto – 15 rows on Lotto 1 and 2 with Joker – 100 kr
  • Triss 30

Large - 240 kr

  • Keno – Keno 3, 4 , 6 (2 rows), 8, 10 and 11 with King Keno – 70 kr
  • Lotto 20 rows on Lotto 1 and 2 with Joker – 140 kr
  • Triss 30

You need to get your Lördagsgodis entries in by the cut-off time of 17:25 on Saturday, otherwise you will have to wait until the following week. Regardless of which package you choose, you will have a chance to win the Lotto jackpot and Joker, so you could potentially land the Drömvinsten too. It’s also possible to win up to 20 million kr on Keno, while Triss offers prizes worth 1 million kr.

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