How to Claim Svenska Lotto Prizes

If you are lucky enough to win a Svenska Lotto prize, the next step is to claim your money. You have 31 days from the date of the draw to make your claim. The process depends on how you played and how much you won.

How to Claim Online

The advantage of playing online is that your numbers are safely stored. You do not have to check your ticket to see if you have won as you will be automatically notified. Any prize of up to 1 million kr will be paid straight into your bank account, leaving you to decide whether to withdraw your winnings or use the money for future Svenska Lotto games. If you win a prize larger than 1 million kr, you will receive a phone call from lottery officials to sort out the payment.

Ticket Bought From a Shop

If you buy a Svenska Lotto ticket from an authorised retailer, it is your responsibility to keep it safe as it is the only proof that you have played. It is advised that you sign the back of your ticket, and then check the winning numbers to see if you are due a prize. Any prize will then have to be collected in Sweden.

20,000 kr and under - Any prize of up to 20,000 kr can be claimed from an authorised retailer. All you have to do is bring in your ticket and ID and you will receive your winnings from the store.

20,000 kr to 4,999,999 kr - If you have won a prize greater than 20,000 kr, you will not be able to simply walk to a local store and hand in your ticket. You will instead need to visit a branch of Swedbank or Sparbanken. A representative of the bank will help you to contact lottery officials and arrange for the funds to be transferred. You will need your game receipt, ID and bank account number.

5,000,000 kr and above - If you win a Svenska Lotto prize of 5,000,000 kr or more, you will have to collect your money from a Svenska Spel office. On your visit, you will be congratulated by a winners’ ambassador and talked through the process of how the payment is made. You will also receive financial advice from lottery and bank staff.

*Please remember, you cannot win any prize if you have not played a Svenska Lotto game and you will never be asked to pay a fee to claim a prize. If you have received a suspicious letter or phone call, it is possible that you are being targeted by a Svenska Lotto scam.