Second Chance

Second Chance draws take place occasionally to create even more millionaires across Sweden. Even if you’ve not been lucky in Lotto, you could win 1 million kr with a Second Chance. Find out more about how it works, and also about ‘Second Chance after the Drömvinsten’.

The next Second Chance draw will take place on 30th April 2022.

How to Play Second Chance

Second Chance is easy to play because you are automatically entered into the draws when they take place, as long as you have played Lotto with Joker during the qualifying period. You do not have to do anything extra or pay an additional cost. Just make sure you add Joker to your Lotto ticket. You will not be entered into the Second Chance draw if you play Lotto on its own.

Every time you play Lotto with Joker, you receive an additional entry. For example, if you play two lines on a Saturday and participate in Lotto 1 and Lotto 2, you receive four entries for the Second Chance draw. You keep accruing extra entries for every draw you participate in, so if you are a regular player it will give you lots of chances to win.

There is no limit to how many entries you can have in the Second Chance draw. All forms of playing count, for example system games, subscriptions, Lordagsgodis and Rubbet.

When the draw takes place, it works like a raffle. The Swedish Lottery randomly selects winners from all the entries using its own built-in system.

Second Chance Prizes

Second Chance draws are held every few months, with a date announced in advance. The number of winners is also announced in advance, and usually there have been 20. Each prize is worth 1 million kr. The Swedish Lottery contacts all the winners directly after the draw, using the information that is transmitted to their system from every ticket purchased by a registered player.

Your odds of winning depend on a number of factors - how many lines you played during the qualifying period, how many lines were played in total, and the number of prizes available. The more you play, the better your chances of winning, and it is even possible that the same player could win twice in the same draw.

Second Chance after the Drömvinsten

Special Second Chance draws also take place whenever the Drömvinsten has been won. The Drömvinsten regularly grows into nine figures as it is only won when someone matches all seven Lotto numbers and a Joker prize in the same draw.

The special Second Chance draw will be held on Saturday in the week following the Drömvinsten win. To be entered into this draw, you need to play Lotto with Joker in the intervening period between the Drömvinsten being won and the Second Chance draw.