In Stryktipset, the aim of the game is to predict the outcome of 13 football matches. The fixtures are taken from the Premier League and other English competitions, and if you get 10 or more predictions correct you win a share of the prize fund.


Visit the Results page to view the scores from the latest games. You can find out how many players correctly predicted the outcome of at least 10 of the matches and how much they won.

How to Play

Stryktipset is a pool game that is simple to play. A list of 13 English football matches is released each week and you have to predict the outcome of each one. If you think the home team (shown first, on the left) will win, select ‘1’. Mark the ‘X’ box if you predict the match will end as a draw, or ‘2’ if you think the away team will win.

You can select more than one outcome for each match. This is a particularly useful option if you’re not sure what will happen in a particular match, or if you want to boost your chances of winning by making sure you get a correct prediction.

For example, you could mark the ‘1’ and ‘X’ boxes if you think a particular match will end as a home win or a draw. Marking two of the three options is known as a ‘half guard’. If you mark all three options, this is called a ‘full guard’.

The cost of entry is 1kr for a single set of predictions for each match. If you use ‘half guards’ or ‘full guards’, the cost will increase proportionally. For example, if you wanted a full guard for all 13 matches, the cost would be 1,594,323kr (3 to the power of 13, in other words 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3). This would not be allowed as the maximum wager per customer is 60,000 kr.

You can play various types of system to cover more possible outcomes across the different matches. An M-system is where every combination of all your bets is entered separately. R-systems and U-systems are also available, which do not provide the same guarantee of a jackpot win even if all your unguarded predictions are correct, but there is the guarantee of a minimum win in this scenario.

Another way to play is PIX! It is a quick and simple method where the predictions are already selected for you, based on a combination of the bets to have already been placed on the matches, the odds for each team and pure chance.

Stryktipset Prizes

Get at least 10 of your 13 predictions correct and you will win a prize. If all 13 are correct, you will receive a share of the jackpot, which is always guaranteed to be at least 10 million kr. The following table shows how the prize fund is allocated.

The first prize pool can be worth 100,000 kroner or sometimes as much as 250,000 kroner. The prize money in all four categories is split between winners, so the payout amount varies from game to game. The following table shows the percentage of the prize pool that goes to each category.

Prize Level Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
13 Correct Predictions 1 in 1,594,323 40%
12 Correct Predictions 1 in 62,320 15%
11 Correct Predictions 1 in 5,110 12%
10 Correct Predictions 1 in 697 25%

The remaining 8% goes to a Guarantee Fund, which is in place to ensure the value of the top prize level is always worth at least 10 million kr. If nobody gets 13 predictions correct, the jackpot rolls over to the next weekend.

The odds of winning displayed in the table represent the chances of your predictions being correct if the results were entirely random. The outcome of a football match is not random in the same way as a lottery draw, of course, as there are various other factors in play such as the ability of the two teams. The actual chances of winning may therefore be different to those shown in the table.


You can also add Sportkryss to your bet when you play Stryktipset, at an additional cost of 10 kr, 20 kr or 30 kr. The aim of the game is to match seven digits in exactly the right order, and there’s a top prize of 30 million kr. Go to the Sportkryss page for more information.