Måltipset gives you the opportunity to win great prizes if you can accurately predict football matches which will produce a lot of goals. You can also combine the game with Sportkryss for more chances to win.


Visit the Måltipset Results page to see which of the 30 matches produced the most goals. Discover how many players predicted the eight highest-scoring matches to claim a share of the jackpot.

How to Play

Måltipset is played every Saturday. A fixture list of 30 matches, usually taken from English competitions, is released each week. You have to select the eight matches which you think will have the most goals.

You can select more than eight of the matches, up to a maximum of 14. However, you must pay for each combination of eight matches within your selected set, so the cost can increase quickly. The cost is 2.50 kr per entry. There is a limit of 20,000 kr on how much you can spend on one round of Måltipset.

If you want to play quickly and have your eight selections generated for you, the PIX! Option is a great way to get a set of predictions. There will be a randomness to these predictions, but the PIX! system does also incorporate a statistical element.

You can play for one week or enter up to 10 rounds of Måltipset in advance. It’s also possible to play Sportkryss together with Måltipset for the chance to win up to 30 million kr. Visit the Sportkryss page to learn more about how you can play and win prizes.

Måltipset Prizes

To win a prize, you must correctly predict at least five of the eight matches which have the most goals. The value of prizes increases as you get more predictions right, with the jackpot estimated at around 1 million kr.

It can sometimes occur that different rules need to be applied to determine the eight matches with the most goals. For example, if 15 matches all had six goals, and the other 15 had fewer. When this happens, the matches where the away team has scored more goals take precedence. If this still hasn’t determined the eight matches, the matches higher up the fixture list will be regarded as having had more goals..

The following table shows the percentage of the prize fund allocated to each category. The lowest level, for five correct predictions, has a fixed prize in every game. The value of the other prizes will always be different, depending on the number of winners. In total, 46 percent of the revenue raised from sales is paid out in prizes.

Prize Level Odds of Winning Percentage of Prize Fund
8 Correct 1 in 5,852,925 55%
7 Correct 1 in 33,255 20%
6 Correct 1 in 1,905 25%
5 Correct 1 in 68 4 Free Rows

The overall odds of winning are 1 in 63, assuming a random selection. The odds may actually be different, as the outcome of a football match is not entirely random in the same way as a lottery draw is.