Topptipset is a football prediction pool game where you pick the winners of eight football matches from around Europe. Get all your predictions correct and you will receive a share of the prize money. Find out more about how Topptipset works.


Go to the Topptipset Results page to see the winners of the eight football matches that were featured in the latest round of the game.

How to Play

You can play Topptipset on the same coupon as you use for Stryktipset or Europatipset. It’s a very similar game, but in Topptipset you only have to predict the outcome of eight football matches rather than 13. You can also play every day rather than once a week, so there are more chances to take part and win.

To play, select what you think the result will be for the eight featured matches. Mark ‘1’ for a home win, ‘X’ for a draw or ‘2’ for an away win. Remember that the home team is always written first in the fixture list.

Just like with Stryktipset and Europatipset, you can use the PIX! Option if you want to enter even more quickly. The predictions will be selected for you, based on an algorithm incorporating both statistical and random elements.

You can also choose more than one possible outcome for a match, but the cost of entry increases as you submit more combinations of predictions.

The standard cost is 1 kr per line, but in Topptipset you can choose to increase your stake to 2, 3, 5 or 10 kr. The maximum that you are allowed to spend on one game of Topptipset is 20,000 kr.

Unlike other pool games, you cannot add Sportkryss to Topptipset.

Topptipset Prizes

There’s only one prize level in Topptipset. You need to get all eight of your predictions correct to win. There is no prize for matching seven or fewer results.

The prize you receive for getting eight selections right depends on a couple of factors. It is based on the number of winners and also the size of your stake. If you bet 10 kr, for example, you would receive 10x as much as if you bet 1kr.

The prize fund is 70 percent of the revenue raised from bets on the game. A further 2.5 percent of the revenue is allocated to a reserve prize fund.